Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Catholic Outpost In The Far East, "Too Rite!" Says Trads

Well! It appears that the TCC* has a blog to call home! *dusts around the blog* While the other two romans and one eastern go about testing out the capabilities of this blog. I shall make my usual comments.

In my humble opinion, I had a bit of a laugh when I found out what the blog title would be. Sounds a bit like a pub/inn eh?

"How ya' goin' mate?"
"Just splendid, mate!"
"So waddya doin' for the arvo, mate?"
"Oh mate! I'm popping down to The Cassock and Cotta for a VB**!"
"MAAAATTTEEE! Too right!"

Its almost like we're cousins of The Prancing Pony!

Or maybe its like this, while the domers run The Shrine of the Holy Whapping up in the States, we run the pub of The Cassock and Cotta down here in the Far East. Now all we have to do is start some real good blogging!

*Traddie Catholic Club
**Victoria Bitter


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