Monday, September 19, 2005

I Just Read Something Real Amusing!

Contributing his thoughts regarding the issue that Pope Benedict might grant the universal indult, a most typical average modernist modern-day Catholic said the following:

I think he will. It's just a matter of putting out the news bit by bit, letting ppl speculate & talk about it, giving ppl time to prepare for the decision. It will then not be too sudden or abrupt when he announces it. Plus it will give ppl a feeling that he has discerned carefully about it.

Frankly, I don't see a problem with it, as long as the radicals don't abuse the indult & push hard for the Tridentine ritual to be the 'de facto' rite. Not to imply that political correctness, but just as there are those who prefer the 'usual', 'boring' mass we have every weekend, & there are also those who find that charismatic mass connect with them more, not forgetting mass celebrated in other languages like Chinese, Teochew, Bahasa & Tagalogue, there are also those who are moved by the Tridentine rite. If we see it as God speaking in different tongues, touching different ppl in different ways, there really shouldn't be much problems with Latin mass making a comeback into our churches.

Are we able to be more open to the variety within the whole that is our Church? Are we able to recognise the different, yet at the same time similar approaches we each journey towards God?

Radicals?! God speaking in different tongues?!?!

This is a classic. Start with stating your personal opinion, then provide some form of substantiation which is totally unrelated to the issue at hand, and finally conclude with a reflection that sounds like it was taken out from some Protestant-inspired wimpy "the small, small book of my daily journey with my best friend Jesus" reflection booklet.

This must be a model for all other typical, average modernist modern-day answers.


At 6:27 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Why do you strike out the word "modernist?" I say that people need to call a horse a horse. They certainly seem to fit the Church's definition of Modernism as a heresy.


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