Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Parish Assembly

Recently my parish held its Parish Assembly. To cut things short, now I feel like writing a well-reasoned response to my parish priest regarding the questions posed. But anyway some anecdotes.

A couple of old ladies were screaming "Amen!" to everything that was said by those standing for election. "We must be more cohesive as a parish!!" "AMEN!!" and so on. I thought the charismatics had invaded my parish.

I was one of those taking notes for the meeting. Someone suggested better faith formation for the altar servers to enable them to serve mass with more reverence. Wrote that down without hesitation. Then the altar servers came by and I showed them the afore mentioned sentence. "More faith formation for our advisors!", they were indignant. Wrote that down without hesitation too.

The highlight of the day, however, was the Praise And Worship session at the beginning. I went "Oh dear!" and someone told me,"c'mon, PnW is a form of prayer too". Okay, let's see. One song went

In my life You`ve heard me say
I love You
How do I show You it`s true
hear my heart, it longs for more of You..
I`ve fallen deeply in love with You..

You have stolen my heart
I`m captivated by You
Never will you and I part
I`ve fallen deeply in love with You

You and I, together forever
Nothing can stand in the way
My love for You, grows stronger
each new day.
I`ve fallen deeply in love with You

I thought the boybands were leading the session, until this verse came up

Jesus, you've stolen my heart
I`m captivated by You
Never will you and I part
I`ve fallen deeply in love with You

Can I take any secular love song and tack the word "Jesus" in front of it and sing it in church? Or how about rewriting this song by Savage Garden to the words of the Creed?


At 12:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With some sad laughter, I thank you for this post :)

At 1:53 PM, Blogger Sain't said...

Actually, that is how the song is originally written. I've heard it before, it's actually sung my a female Christian singer.


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