Monday, June 19, 2006


The Cassock and Cotta was started in August last year to be a notepad of sorts to scribble down musings (along with random quotations) on the faith and liturgy from a traditionalist perspective. Today we attract a readership of about 2 a day.

Today, The Cassock and Cotta comprises of 4 contributors (some regular, some not so regular):

The Mastermind
Norman, confirmed as Paul, is someone we'd describe as a SNAG - Simple, Normal, Average Guy. Nothing of particular mention, really - except that he's currently pursuing a doctorate and that he's lector at his parish in West Singapore. However, he would rather be an altar server anytime. He is involved in several singing projects at point of writing. He remains an outspoken critic of the abuses and silly things done by the liberals as well as the disobedience shown and silly things done by the radical traditionalists.

[edited the last two sentences - Norman]

Michael's grandmother described him as a "future secret society member, drug addict, bank robber and an inmate" - whether in a prison or mental institution, she has never clarified. Michael is quite the opposite of that description, really. Never one to jump to conclusions, Michael is the voice of reason in a blog that has a strong tendency to border on the inane. He likes to serve at the altar, and when he does, he always makes sure it is done properly. We all think black is his favourite colour.

[added the last two sentences - Norman]

Edward was born Roman Catholic and became heavily involved in traditionalist movement during his teenaged years - even becoming a Feenyite at some point. Despite becoming Eastern Catholic some years later, Edward has never ceased being traditionalist. In his own words, he "now understands that tradition is living - not dead and set in stone". With such a background (for that reason, he is sometimes regarded with suspicion by both the Orthodox and Catholics alike), Edward understands both East and West well enough to comment on either side. A graduate of King's College, London, he is fluent in approximately 7 to 8 languages and plays the lute.

["my godmother thought Edward was Jewish" - Constantine]

Constantine is the only contributor not in communion with Rome. Born and raised a Presbyterian, he made the momentous decision to convert to Eastern Orthodoxy some three years ago. Regularly attending church since, he was received into the Church on Holy Pascha this year. An avid reader of history, he understands full well that the Church can breathe with two lungs. Ecumenist he may well be, but liberal he is certainly not. He remains thoroughly fundamentalist on essential points of Orthodox doctrine. A Slavophile, he wants to visit Moscow - anyone with a plane ticket to spare?

[added the last sentence - Norman]


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