Wednesday, November 23, 2005


yes. you are not looking at the wrong title. if you feel really weird why such a title should appear on a catholic blog. you are on the right path.

if not. think about mentioning it to your priest in the confessional. and perhaps consider revising your catechism. recall the athanasian creed's last statement.

this is the catholic faith. and anyone who does not believe it fully and firmly cannot be saved.


in a local church. your blogger has spotted the church bulletin has no mention of the catholic church in the read-up section. but to my utter horror. the front page shows the way to nirvana. the buddhist's version of sainthood.

no. i am not being judgemental here. it is not i who judge. but he. i mean. as a church bulletin. there should at least be the mentioning of the church. but the entire bulletin seems to be only promoting buddhism as the way to life everlasting.

the message i want to bring across is that the church. or more specifically. the catholic church of this particular region of southeast asia. in its quest for ecumenism. may have lost its the 2000 year old church teaching that only through this one catholic church may one be led to the almighty god.

buddhism. in its original meaning. is not a religion. a religion. being made up of the re and ligare. which meant again and join respectively. therefore. by dissecting the word religion. we will understand that a religion must be a path to reunite the two seperate parties. namely. human and god.

but buddhism is not intended to be a religion. buddha never proclaimed himself as god. neither did he reveal that he is of a divine nature. buddhism is meant to be more of a philosophy. a way of understanding life. and to attain inner-peace.

oops. i hope i have not been driving too far off the course. the crux and bottomline of all these is actually to show that the eight-fold way of buddhism cannot directly and definitely lead you to the one true god as the catholics believe.

but again. it is up to the mercy of him who judge them.

to a non-catholic who may have seen the bulletin. he may be thinking that the catholic church is promoting buddhism as the way of life. and perhaps other religions in the series that are yet to come.

and wait till the bulletin starts to endorse and encourage the protestant way to heavens. i am sure saint ignatius of loyola. will start plucking his hair in frustration to see that the horror he had tried to defend has seeped into the sanctuary of the holy mother church.

please correct me if any facts are wrong. and meanwhile.

sed libera nos a malo.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Ginny said...

Things are getting so way off course it isn't funny. When I see loved ones attend ing Ecumenical services I just want to cringe. They are being so led astray and can't see it. Pray for them

At 11:57 AM, Blogger Justin said...

Here, here! This is horrendous! I shall indeed continue to pray, and I hope you have a different parish in your area that admits that the only true way to Christ is through His Church! Or do all the parishes in your area buy into this modernism? *chuckles*


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