Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Indulgence Alert - Feb 11

From Zenit.org , both plenary indulgence and partial indulgence available for World Day of the Sick.

Plenary indulgence involves taking part in "a sacred ceremony established by the ecclesiastical authority held to beseech God for the intentions of the World Day of the Sick." If you can't go because you are providing "charitable assistance to the sick as if they were tending to Christ the Lord Himself", then you qualify also. Finally,

the faithful who through sickness, old age or similar reason, are prevented from participating in the aforementioned ceremony, may obtain the plenary indulgence if, with the soul completely removed from attachment to any form of sin and with the intention of observing, as soon as they can, the conditions required, they spiritually participate together with the Holy Father in the aforesaid ceremony, pray devotedly for the sick, and offer -- through the Virgin Mary, "Health of the Sick" -- their physical and spiritual sufferings to God.

Partial indulgence. Between Feb 9 - 11, "with a contrite heart, raise devout prayers to the merciful Lord calling for these aspirations to be met in order to help the sick."


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