Thursday, March 09, 2006

From My Wise Духовник/Dukhovnik

We have also just been told off by someone asserting that Jesus doesn't care in the least whether we open and close the Royal Doors as prescribed or not. But it strikes me that people who claim to adopt that position are nevertheless remarkably uncomfortable and upset when some priest does, in fact, open and close the Royal Doors as prescribed. If Jesus doesn't care, why does the critic care?

Quite so! The same argument can be applied to those who oppose the Latin Mass, or to the Latinisers who oppose the full authentic Byzantine Liturgy with all its glorious ceremonial!

If Jesus doesn't care whether we use Gregorian Chant, the Antidoron, the leavened Eucharistic Bread, unabbreviated services.... why should the critics get all apoplectic when we love and wish to preserve them?

(incidentally, Духовник/Dukhovnik means Spiritual Father, and my Духовник is a priest of the greatest erudition and holiness)


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