Saturday, March 04, 2006

Prayer is a genuflection of the will to God

From The Catholic Way, by Bishop Donald Wuerl

Prayer is more than an exercise of the mind. It is also a genuflection of the will to God. Genuine devotion should not be confused with feeling satisfaction or emotion. Sometimes we hear people say that they do not pray or attend Mass because they do not feel uplifted or experience an emotional "high". Effective prayer is not measured by the rapidity or intensity of our personal satisfaction. True devotion is properly directed to God. At times our prayers may result in personal peace and joy, but such a response is not the gauge of their effectiveness. The more devoted to God one is, the closer is one's friendship with him, and the more likely that prayer will be heard - but not necessarily in the manner we determine. After all, it is God who answers. It is God who makes up the other side of the conversation.


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This is really good. I don't know if you wrote it, but I liked it very much. Thanks for the thoughts.


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