Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I want (not)

No, part of being Catholic is not about what you want, or anybody else not in a position of authority wants. Its about what the Church wants. Its about discovering the mind of the Church.

Ralph McInerny says that the crisis after Vatican II is caused by the dissent of those who reject authority, and illustrates it with the rejection of the teaching authority of the Church when Humanae Vitae was released. A very readable book there.

Kevin Tierney says the same thing - the general decline in the lack of obedience. I once asked why Masses can be so frustrating. Kevin's answer is illuminating:

What will we do if Pope Benedict says faithful Catholics are not to attend SSPX chapels? I really don’t know how else I’ll be able to fulfill my Sunday Obligation, as I hate the Novus Ordo.

As we see, this is a clear case of the individual placing his own preferences, wants, desires over that of the Bishop of Rome’s prerogatives in defining who is in communion with him. In the case mentioned above, the answer is simple. Many drive a good distance to the schismatic illicit chapels as it is, if need be one can drive a long distance towards those Latin Masses approved by Rome. Otherwise, since they acknowledge the New Mass is valid, in order to fulfill their Sunday obligation they may have to sacrifice their personal preferences. It is a sad day when in the Church the liturgy becomes a place to practice penance, but if the situation warrants it, that is what our Church commands. In light of such obedience that pleases God, He will not let such cries go unheard.

The call to obedience is difficult. But we keep on trying.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger CromAbu said...

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At 11:19 AM, Blogger CromAbu said...

Since 95% of the time I attend the missa normativa, I am not in the same boat, but thinking about such people puts my "penance" of tolerating (and sometimes taking part in,) dreadful music, and silly priests in perspective.

Obedience wouldn't be much of a virtue if it didn't require SOME effort, I guess...


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